Duluth Paranormal Society serves the residents and businesses of Duluth MN and surrounding area.  Our goal is to investigate and validate paranormal activity along with attempting to disprove activity claimed to be paranormal.  We are a group of realists whose sole purpose is to help clients obtain information and investigate claims in a professional and confidential manner.



Duluth Paranormal believes in practicing a peaceful investigative approach.  We do not provoke, or ever assume activity is dark.  We observe and collect evidence using peaceful communication methods.  Various equipment is used, some experimental, based on the particular needs of each investigation and the end result requested by the client.   We are always sensitive to the needs of the client and sensitive and respectful to any and all possible entities.  We use a pre-planned tactical approach for efficiency and to collect the most possible evidence. We have the tools to establish communication

How many investigators do we bring? We bring 4-8 investigators depending on the property, our goals, and needs for the client.  We split into teams of 2-3 investigators, with one team always in the control area.  The control area is responsible for knowing where all teams are located, monitoring the surveillance system, and reviewing evidence.  The number persons and the specific personal chosen to investigate a particular location is chosen by the Lead investigator after reviewing the claims, property layout, and client.

Equipment: The team has contributed to several pieces of equipment at their own expense.  Equipment used can include but not limited to computers, audio recorders, Stationary and hand held night vision IR video cameras’, Electric Magnetic field detectors, still SLR camera’s, flashlights, multi-camera DVR systems, and communication radios.  We also have several pieces of equipment are considered experimental. 

What do we consider evidence? We only except hard indisputable evidence caught on audio or video.  If possible evidence is caught we will take all measures possible to make sure it was not contaminated in any way.  For example: if our recorder caught a possible EVP, we will then research the timeline and location of the EVP and determine that there was no other persons in vicinity at the time of the EVP, if there was any other persons in the vicinity we will check their audio to see if they caught or said something similar: Note: all personal has a time marked running audio recorder at all times that an investigation is taking place. Example 2. If video catches a door swinging open we will attempt to investigate all other possibilities to why it opened, such as a breeze, faulty hinges, etc.  Note: stationary surveillance is monitored 100% of the time, the observer can send a team to that location if he/she sees something.

​Does all of our evidence go public?: Our evidence goes public only with written consent of the client.  All aspects of the investigation will be discussed and determined by the client of what goes public and what does not. For example: the client may not want the location disclosed however client may agree to only make evidence or certain pieces of evidence public.  Our investigations are to benefit the client, and to benefit the hobby and knowledge of Duluth Paranormal Society. In the end, we are scientific researchers that want to use our gained knowledge and expertise to help people.